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Replacing old bonding with Ceramic crowns.

Removable upper Denture to a fixed screw retained Implant Bridge

#8 Custom healer used to develop optimal emergence profile.
Patient wanted a small space like he originally had.

Full mouth rehabilitation with implants
Laser Crown lengthening on short clinical teeth followed by Lithium disilicate crowns
Invisalign used to correct an anterior open bite.
No restorations required on natural teeth.
Invisalign used to move malpositioned canine from the palate to a more ideal position
Replacing  missing lower teeth with implants
Replacing a crown with metal inside with a nonmetal crown.
There was hypertrophy of the inner lip from being sucked into the space during swallowing. Embrasure veneers were made to minimize space between central incisors thus shrinking the tissue. Patient did not want space completely closed.
Same day smile. All 12 ceramic restorations completed in 1 appointment!
This option has to be scheduled at least 1 month in advance.
Tooth #9 single central incisor fractured lower third from trauma.
Implant Overdenture
Central and Lateral Incisors, fractured as a result of trauma,
replaced with all ceramic crowns.
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